It’s been a while

Well. I’m back. A lot has changed and a lot happened. Been through depression and anxiety. Ready to move on. I’ve been making beeswax candles – so if you can – buy few! Etsy shop. Thank you, Ilze

Digital Art

Ups and Downs, but in dark times comes bright ideas! Do you remember Marley? Dark times bring dark thoughts… Since I don’t know how to draw… paint… sketch. Played around in photoshop and made this: Instagram account: artfromthephoto Ilze

First of September

First of September is the first day at school here in LV.   Summer blew my mind, but I hope this school year will stay COVID free and happy! Busy day for me at the studio as well! Ilze

Wedding Anniversary

Today is our tenth wedding anniversary! I baked a honey cake (a huge one! tripled the recipe) and cooked “Karbonādes” (made from pork loin) but not to just celebrate with the guests but to work hard in our manor! Instead of asking everyone to come and celebrate we asked to come and help! The best … More Wedding Anniversary



OMG! I give up (you know I don’t)! Even those who are gardening for ages haven’t seen so many weeds in one plot! Wow! If you walk to my furrows, you will get lost! You can’t find them! If you don’t know the potatoes, carrots, onions, beetroot, beans, peas, etc are there – you can’t … More Horticulture!


Finally we are in my home town. Its been a wile. We are happy to meet my family and great new baby boy in my brothers family. Now girls have three cousins – boys! As usully we spent time at the seaside. Sea? Its actually the Gulf of Riga… But I call it “sea” all … More Salacgriva